Christmas Wedding Planner – Movie Review 2020

It is a 2017 Canadian comedy, directed by Justin G. Dyck. The movie is inspired by the book of Stacy Connelly “Once Upon A Wedding”.

Kelsey is a beautiful young woman, raised by her rich aunt, Olivia and encouraged to start her career as a wedding planner. Her first client will be her beautiful cousin, Emily. The theme of the wedding will be Christmas Eve.

Kelsey is getting late to a party she needs to attend before the weeding, stopping at a coffee shop to pick up aunt’s favorite drink, a blueberry scone. There she bums into Connor, Emily’s ex-boyfriend, that picked up the last blueberry scone. She tries to convince him to give her the last one in exchange for a few dollars. He refuses her without any regrets.

Upset she heads to the party where she sees, who else than the ex-boyfriend, Connor. Her aunt Olivia warns her about the guy and she tells her to keep an eye on him because she’s afraid he will ruin her daughter’s wedding.

After Kelsey tells him to leave he tricks her to come to his car. Here he reveals that he was hired by someone to reveal the true face of Emily’s fiance. Upset Kelsey tells him he is searching in vain and warns him to keep the distance. But Connor doesn’t give up and he even invites her to join him in his investigations.

While Emily tries on the wedding dress, Kelsey notices Todd acting flirty with the receptionist. She starts to become suspicious and decides to work with Connor, for finding the truth.

During the investigation, the two of them fall in love. When everything seems to work, Kelsey’s aunt reveals that Connor, years back, received money from her husband to leave Emily.

Furious Kelsey confronts him. Connor realizes that he has fallen in love with Kelsey and he can’t live without her.
When he lost his hope of finding something against Todd, the ods smile to him and an interesting woman visits him and tells him some interesting things about Todd.

What will happen next? I will let you discover.

It is a nice movie if you like modern fairytales. The film is not very realistic but is a nice movie to be seen for Christmas. Enjoy!

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